LINKS SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL with Logo "Friendship Crystal"

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This item is elegant, high end and a "must" for Every LINK!! The finest crystal by swarvorski is accented with our beautiful White Rose and Logo.  This item would sell in retail stores for over $200.00. 

This is a High End product.  Excellent Quality---will last forever!

Our "own" signature Swarovski Crystal Keepsake.  Perfect for our lovely Living Room areas! Display your  LINKS Crystal  and show your pride and love for our organization.  Made of the finest crystal in a oval shape with our white rose inside the crystal.  Our Logo is at the bottom to show our love for our organization.  This is a must item for every Link.

It is elegant and high end.  You must have our LINKS Swarovski Crystal High End Keepsake in your Formal Living Room, Curio or China Cabinet.

Comes with custom white box lined in pure satin.   Excellent Gift for New Member and as your LINKS crystal Keepsake.


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