Beautiful AKA Pink and Green Bag of Distinction II, Available- IN STOCK

$ 149.99 $ 100.00

Beautiful Pearlized Metallic PINK Leather Bag with Pretty Pink and Green straps. Our high end bag has 3 straps ( Chain, short hand carrier and shoulder style strap). Our bag is absolutely beautiful and will be available for AKA Boule sales. 

Trademark is filed and pending.

Authorized Vendor, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 2020

Size 15 x 14;  Light weight leather at less than 1/2 pound. 

Beautiful & High Quality as you know to expect from us.  Our Beautiful Pearlized PINK Metallic Leather design is exclusive for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

Highest quality LEATHER.  High End Product.

Shipping Fee is $15.00 additional in the USA.

Overnight Delivery is Not Available for this Item


Our New Beautiful Bag can be preordered on our website in June 2020. 

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